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Did you know that the concept of self-storage came about 6,000 years ago in what is now Xi’an, China? While shipping container technology has improved since then, mobile storage units continue to be a great option for individuals and businesses in need of short or long-term storage. With the right mobile storage unit, you’ll have the flexibility and versatility you need for any situation. To learn more about how you can best make use of a portable storage unit, read on.

Here’s what you need to know about portable storage units:

  1. Moving Solutions
  2. Event Storage
  3. Home Renovation Storage
  4. Construction Site Solutions
  5. Mobile Unit Security
  6. Short & Long Term Mobile Storage Solutions

Moving Solutions

One of the biggest benefits mobile storage units can offer is the cost savings of traditional storage. Instead of being charged for extra services such as moving trucks or extra labor, you will only be charged for your storage unit needs. Whether you’re moving from one home to another, or your construction site is on to a new project, mobile storage units can be the perfect option to safely secure your equipment or personal belongings.

For many, utilizing a storage unit in a large scale facility isn’t feasible for short term or mobile needs. When moving locations, having the ability to pack everything up while keeping it secured in a location that can move with you, mobile units are the perfect solution to your needs.

Are you in need of a mobile storage unit rental for your construction site in Nashville, TN? Contact Liberty Waste today.

Event Storage

Are you planning to host a large scale event, but don’t know where to secure your supplies? A mobile storage solution could be the best option for your needs! When it comes to events that occur more regularly, or even traveling event services, you’re going to need to store your equipment and decor supplies in one safe location. With the added benefit of mobility, mobile storage units prove to be extremely effective, especially for large scale events.

Home Renovation Storage

For those planning to work on some type of home renovation project, you’re likely going to need to empty out your belongings from specific areas of your home. For those who don’t have extra storage on their property, renting out a storage unit in a facility might not make the most sense for a short term project.

However, renting out a mobile storage unit that can be located just in your front or back yard can be the perfect option for your needs. If you have been planning on renovating your home, but haven’t made the time to do so because of a lack of storage, Liberty Waste LLC has the mobile storage solutions you’ve been looking for.

Construction Site Solutions

A mobile storage unit can make your storage needs much more efficient, whether you need it for short-term or long-term storage. This is especially true for those in need of construction site storage. As projects can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple years, the flexibility that comes with mobile storage units is unmatched. Eliminating the need to arrange transportation, find a storage facility, and then load the materials, portable storage solutions allow you to safely transport your packed equipment and gear whenever you need to change locations.

Mobile Unit Security

Once your materials or products have been loaded safely and effectively into your shipping containers, it is time to secure them. Security options for mobile shipping units vary, so selecting the right one will depend on your unique needs. Liberty Waste in Nashville, Tennessee will be able to assist you with your niche storage requirements and needs.

Here are some of our secure storage products:

  • Premiere Unit Locks
  • Durable Lock Boxes
  • Alarm Systems
  • Container Covers

With the right security products, you can keep your mobile storage unit safe, secure and protected even when you are not there. Liberty Waste LLC has the solutions you need to get started.

Short & Long Term Mobile Storage Solutions

Renting the right storage containers for your construction storage needs can often be a pricey feat. With Liberty Waste’s Nashville portable construction storage solutions, you can rent the best storage containers for your on-site team. Store any essential documents, supplies, tools, and equipment on-site to save significant time and money.

At Liberty Waste, we offer different portable storage container options to accommodate your on-site construction needs. Our solutions include:

  • Easy & Light-Weight Door Accessibility
  • Comfortable & Safe Container Handles
  • Grease-Fit Hinges to Sustain a Longer Box Life
  • High Security Lock Boxes

Visit Liberty Waste and secure high-quality mobile storage rentals for your construction site in Nashville, TN today.

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