20 ft Portable Storage Container used as Shipping Container, Construction Storage Container, Conex Storage Container, or Mobile Storage Unit Nashville TN

Did you know that If a shipping container is properly taken care of, it can last 20 or more years? With that in mind, while you might not need a storage unit for 20 years, mobile storage units are a great option for individuals and businesses in need of short or long-term storage. 

Mobile storage units offer the flexibility and variability of construction site storage as well as the added advantage of mobility. To learn more about how you can best make use of a portable storage unit, read on. 

Here’s what you need to know about portable storage units:

  1. Typical Uses
  2. Transportation Solutions
  3. Secure Your Products
  4. Short & Long Term Mobile Storage Solutions 

Typical Uses

Portable storage units offer the main advantage of saving on the cost of traditional storage. Instead of being charged for extra services such as moving trucks or extra labor, you will only be charged for storage. 

In case you’re trying to find a cost-effective storage solution while ensuring that your materials are kept in a controlled, secure environment, you may want to consider mobile storage units. As an added benefit of portable storage, you can safely keep track of your materials and equipment with these cost effective solutions. 

Here are six ways to utilize a portable storage container:

  • Business or Home Moving Needs
  • On-site Construction Equipment Storage
  • Additional Home or Construction Site Storage
  • Home Renovation Storage
  • Business or Event Storage

Are you in need of a mobile storage unit rental for your construction site in Nashville, TN? Contact Liberty Waste today.

Transportation Solutions 

A mobile storage unit can make your storage needs much more efficient, whether you need it for short-term or long-term storage. Whether you’re in the process of moving and need short term solutions or you’re setting up at a long term construction site, portable storage solutions can be a great option for you. Eliminating the need to arrange transportation, find a storage facility, and then load the materials, portable storage solutions allow you to safely transport your packed units exactly as you packed them.

Secure Your Products

When your materials or products have been loaded properly and effectively, it is time to secure your shipping containers. Mobile shipping units come with a variety of security options, and choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging. Nevertheless, Liberty Waste in Nashville, Tennessee will be able to provide you with the appropriate guidance in regards to your niche storage requirements and needs. 


Locking up your stored materials in a shipping container is usually best accomplished with a heavy duty padlock. In addition to preventing the door latches from rotating, crossbar locks also ensure that if someone attempts to cut a padlock or latch, they will still not be able to get into the container. Locks can be the perfect safety method for your unique storage needs.  

Lock Boxes

Lock boxes are also a great, safe option if heavy duty padlocks aren’t enough security for your storage containers. Typically, steel container lock boxes are large enough to fit your padlock and key into, but small enough so that no one can cut the lock open or tamper with it. These options tend to be easy to install and effective in security measures. 

Alarm Systems

A container alarm system may be necessary for those who need to store their shipping containers in more remote or unsafe locations. A custom alarm can be built for some shipping container storage solutions. These can include anything from motion detectors, sensors and TV monitoring.

Container Covers

You can implement functional, security measures by adding a container cover to your shipping container storage units for added shipping container storage safety. Container covers have the ability to be customized in terms of size and opening, so that the space between the cover and the container can be utilized. This provides optimum storage and safety measures for your unique storage needs. 

Short & Long Term Mobile Storage Solutions

Renting the right storage containers for your construction storage needs can often be a pricey feat. With Liberty Waste’s Nashville portable construction storage solutions, you can rent the best storage containers for your on-site team. Store any essential documents, supplies, tools, and equipment on-site to save significant time and money.

At Liberty Waste, we offer different portable storage container options to accommodate your on-site construction needs. Our solutions include:

  • Easy & Light-Weight Door Accessibility 
  • Comfortable & Safe Container Handles
  • Grease-Fit Hinges to Sustain a Longer Box Life
  • High Security Lock Boxes

Visit Liberty Waste and secure high-quality mobile storage rentals for your construction site in Nashville, TN today.

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