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Standard Unit with Sink

Allow your employees or guests to maintain proper hygiene with a portable sink. Upgrade the experience by renting a standard porta potty with a sink. Handwashing is very important. The standard unit with a sink extends the service without compromising on space.

Porta Potty with Sink Size

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All portable toilets include the following features:

foaming hand sanitizer station liberty waste - Liberty Waste, Nashville, TN

Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Each unit comes with Foaming Hand Sanitizer. The hand sanitizer contains up to 70% alcohol to make sure all germs are eliminated.

solar light liberty waste - Liberty Waste, Nashville, TN

Solar-Powered Light

Solar-powered lights adds safety for the use of portable toilets. The solar light is handy during night events or night shift construction.

solar fan liberty waste - Liberty Waste, Nashville, TN

Solar Powered Fan

The solar powered fan will run all day and exhaust bad fumes through the vent pipe.

gps liberty waste - Liberty Waste, Nashville, TN


Each portable toilet has a GPS unit inside for service verification. This allows us to see what day and time the last technician was at a particular unit.

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