Standard Unit with Sink

Allow your employees or guests to maintain proper hygiene with a portable sink. Upgrade the experience by renting a standard porta potty with a sink. Hand washing is very important. The standard unit with a sink extends the service without compromising on space.

Porta Potty with Sink Size

  • Height: 88” (2235 mm)
  • Width: 44” (1118 mm)
  • Depth: 48” (1219 mm)
  • Weight: 170 lbs (77kg)
  • Seat height: 19.25″ (489 mm)
  • Standard tank volume: 70 gallons (265 liters)
  • Door opening: 72” x 24” (1829 mm x 609 mm)
  • Floor space: 40.75” x 19.25” (1035 mm x 489 mm)

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All portable toilets include the following features:

foaming hand sanitizer station liberty waste - Liberty Waste, Nashville, TN

Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Each unit comes with Foaming Hand Sanitizer. The hand sanitizer contains up to 70% alcohol to make sure all germs are eliminated.

solar light liberty waste - Liberty Waste, Nashville, TN

Solar Powered Light

Solar powered lights adds safety for the use of portable toilets. The solar light is handy during night events or night shift construction.

solar fan liberty waste - Liberty Waste, Nashville, TN

Solar Powered Fan

The solar powered fan will run all day and exhaust bad fumes through the vent pipe.

gps liberty waste - Liberty Waste, Nashville, TN


Each portable toilet has a gps unit inside for service verification. This allows us to see what day and time the last technician was at a particular unit.

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