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Nashville Portable Sink and Sanitization Station Rental

Washing hands is the first step in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria that can cause diseases. When you are hosting an event or are on a construction job, you need to consider the health and wellness of your guests and employees. Renting portable sinks and sanitation stations reduces the number of germs that can be spread from person to person that might make them sick.

At Liberty Waste, we offer different portable sink and sanitation stations to accommodate your needs.

portable sink nashville rental - Liberty Waste, Nashville, TN

Portable Sink Solutions

All of our sinks are double sided for convenience. The pump action faucet promotes good hygiene by allowing both hands to be washed simultaneously. We recommend placing them near the food vendor areas so visitors can easily sanitize before eating.

Features include:

  • Oversized paper towel dispenser uses standard 3 fold paper towel
  • Dual soap dispensers (400ml)
  • Recessed beverage holders
  • Lockable latch for security
  • Fresh water

Secure your portable sink rental by contacting Liberty Waste.

hand sanitation stand rental nashville - Liberty Waste, Nashville, TN

Sanitization Station Rental

Hand sanitizing stations provide patrons with an easy and convenient way to clean their hands. The hand sanitizer stand features four individually mounted dispensers in one convenient location. The hand sanitizing stand has a pleasing design which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s a great addition to any portable restroom.

Rent a sanitation station for your project.