Shipping Container Storage & Mobile Storage Unit Nashville TN

Did you know that 80% of all shipping container stored goods are carried via ship? If you’re in need of short or long term shipping container storage in Nashville, Tennessee, then you’ve come to the right place. 

With a variety of storage needs, there are some best practices to ensure your materials are properly and securely stored in your mobile shipping unit. Having the added advantage of mobility with shipping container storage units can benefit your construction site storage needs by offering variability and flexibility. 

Here’s what you need to know about short and long term mobile storage units:

  1. Storage Plan
  2. Stay Organized
  3. Secure Your Products
  4. Short and Long Term Mobile Storage Solutions

Storage Plan

When it comes to utilizing shipping container storage in Nashville, Tennessee, establishing a storage plan that works for your organization is the first step to take. As figuring out how to effectively pack your shipping container can be half of the battle, it’s important to come up with a strategic plan that will work for your storage needs. When considering and planning which solutions will work best for you, there can be several things to consider before loading your container. 

First, be sure to think about how your materials will remain the most sturdy in your unit. When loading your shipping containers, make sure to account for any moves that you may make with your unit in tow.

Are you in need of a mobile storage unit rental for your construction site in Nashville, TN? Contact Liberty Waste today.

Stay Organized

The next step to best utilizing a shipping storage container is to stay organized. Once you’ve figured out your container sizing choices and storage solution plan, you’ll be able to begin loading in your materials and items for long or short term storage. However, before loading your items into your container, be sure to sort or organize your boxes according to size and weight. A good rule of thumb is to carefully label your boxes so you know what’s inside and avoid having large boxes full of light items.  

You and your team may want to try storing any heavier items in your container first and towards the bottom. This can help to evenly distribute the load, and leave fewer gaps to create less shifting during any form of transport. Staying organized when utilizing shipping container storage can help ensure the security of your materials. 

Secure Your Products

Once you’ve properly and effectively loaded in your materials or products, it’s time to secure your shipping containers. With a variety of security options for your mobile shipping units, it can be difficult to find the best choice for your needs. However, Liberty Waste in Nashville, Tennessee will be able to provide you and your organization with the right guidance for your niche storage needs. 


Heavy duty padlocks tend to be the simplest way of locking up your stored materials in a shipping container. Crossbar locks also help to prevent the door locking handles from turning, meaning if someone attempts to cut a padlock or locking latch, they will still be unable to gain access to the inside of your container. 

Lock Boxes

If heavy duty padlocks are still not enough security for your storage containers, lock boxes are also a great, safe choice. Steel container lock boxes tend to be big enough for you to fit your padlock and key into, but small enough to prevent anyone from tampering with your lock or cutting it open. These options tend to be easy to install and effective in security measures. 

Alarm Systems

For those who need to store their shipping containers in more remote or unsafe locations, you may want to invest in an alarm system for your unit. For some shipping container storage solutions, there can be custom made alarms built for storage needs. These can include anything from motion detectors, sensors and TV monitoring.

Container Covers

When it comes to your shipping container storage safety solutions, adding a container cover to your units can be a great way to implement functional, security measures. The size and openings of your container covers can often be customized so that you can even utilize the space between you cover and your unit. This provides optimum storage and safety measures for your unique storage needs. 

Short and Long Term Mobile Storage Solutions

Renting the right storage containers for your construction storage needs can often be a pricey feat. With Liberty Waste’s Nashville portable construction storage solutions, you can rent the best storage containers for your on-site team. Store any essential documents, supplies, tools, and equipment on-site to save significant time and money.

At Liberty Waste, we offer different portable storage container options to accommodate your on-site construction needs. Our solutions include:

  • Easy & Light-Weight Door Accessibility 
  • Comfortable & Safe Container Handles
  • Grease-Fit Hinges to Sustain a Longer Box Life
  • High Security Lock Boxes

Visit Liberty Waste and secure high-quality mobile storage rentals for your construction site in Nashville, TN today.

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