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You’ve made the decision to get a porta potty rental. You’ve decided which kind of unit you need and how many. You know your spacing requirements. The only thing left to figure out is the best spot to place them. But what should you take into account? What should you look out for? Here is a list of things to keep in mind when choosing the best place for your porta potty rental.

Obey The Law

The first consideration should be ensuring you’re arranging your porta potties in a lawful manner. Be sure to order at least one handicap-accessible unit if your gathering is somewhat small. Anything larger, like a music festival, for instance, needs to have 5% of their units be handicap accessible in order to be ADA compliant.

You also want to be sure you are leaving enough room in case of an emergency. Avoid placing your porta potty rental near fire hydrants. Also, be sure there is enough room for a fire truck or ambulance to enter your location. Hopefully, this won’t become an issue, but you want to be ready for anything.

If your event is on public property, it’s best to contact the city to be sure you have all the necessary permits.

Learn how Liberty Waste can help keep your worksite or guests comfortable.

Consider The Delivery

Your porta potty rental will be delivered on a truck. Take this into account when choosing the location of your porta potties. The trucks will need room to unload the units. Likewise, they will need room to load them back up when your event is over.

Cleaning the units is essential for longer usages. This also necessitates accessibility. Trucks will need to get to the units to drain the inside as well as clean them up. It’s important to make sure they are in top condition for the next day.

Find Solid Ground

Nobody wants a porta potty to tip over. The mess and loss of a unit can really change your experience. Porta potties can get jostled around quite a lot throughout the day. People are continuously walking in and out of them. They get bumped into. Without proper stability, you can have a real situation on your hands. So, it’s best to consider this from the start.

Level ground is essential. Any wobble to the units is unacceptable. Along with that, you want to be sure the ground is solid. Flat concrete is ideal, but other solid surfaces will work as well. Grass and mud are susceptible to becoming soft. Soft ground can cause a porta potty to sink. Sinking can make cleaning quite difficult. It can also affect how easily your guests can open the door.

Put Them Close, But Not Too Close

People need to be able to find your porta-potties. Otherwise, there’d be no point in having them. The best way to do this is to put them near the areas people will be hanging out. Food trucks, beverage tents, things of that nature will be a great place to put porta potties near. The equivalent for a worksite would be near the areas the largest amount people are working. You want the units to be accessible without being in their way. Don’t block walk areas. Don’t put them directly next to a table. But put them within eyesight of these areas and try not to have many barriers in-between.

If the event is on the small side, put them together. But if it’s a larger event, spread them out to a
a couple of different places so they are still easily reached.

Prepare For Weather

We can’t control the weather, but we can prepare for it. Avoid surfaces that are susceptible to softening with rain. Another big consideration is wind. Your porta potty rental may seem immovable, but that’s not completely true. When stationed correctly, they can be very sturdy. But wind can get very strong. An improperly placed unit might become unsturdy with enough force. The best situation would be for the units to be underneath an overhead covering, if possible.

Porta potties are a necessity when it comes to large gatherings or work sites. Choosing the best location for the units will make all the difference. Keep these guidelines in mind when searching the location for your porta potties. Your guests or workers will appreciate the ease of use a proper location can bring.

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