Vandals are everywhere. There’s no perfect way to avoid them, so the best you can hope for is to work to lessen the chance of an incident. And whether your porta potty rental is for an event or a construction site in Nashville, they are a frequent target. They have large blank areas. They provide cover on the inside. There are many reasons vandals target porta potties, but here’s what matters: We don’t like it.

Vandalism on your porta potty rental not only makes it look bad, but it’s a pain to clean off. These circumstances should be avoided, so here are some ideas to help deter would-be vandals.

Put It in a Well-Lit Area

Vandals prefer to work in the cover of darkness. They know what they are doing is wrong and they don’t want people to see them doing it. This puts them at risk for police attention. The best way to give them a taste of paranoia that might make them look elsewhere for something to deface is to position your porta potty rentals near a light source. Nighttime provides a lot of dark and shadowy corners which are perfect for vandals to exploit. However, making use of any pre-existing source of light like a light post or floodlight on the side of a building will give them a reason to continue down the road instead of marking up your unit.

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Secure Them

Aside from spray paint and markers, vandals seem to love tipping porta potties over. The imagined disaster inside the unit is apparently the motivation behind this. It doesn’t necessarily need to be explained, but this should be avoided at all costs. There are a few ways you can do this. First, you can place the porta potty where it will be difficult to tip. Perhaps a corner, next to a tree or bushes, or something else that will block the motion. The other option is to stake it down. Use some straps to secure the porta-potty to the ground so even if it is pushed, it stays where it is.

Fence in Your Site

Restricting access to your porta potty rentals is a very effective way to keep vandals from messing up your units. If your construction site or event has a fence, try to place your porta potties within the enclosure. A barrier between the unit and the vandals can be enough to convince them it’s not worth the risk. Easy access to a porta-potty makes it a target to hit and then disappear, but adding an extra step like a fence can keep them from considering it in the first place.

Put It Where People Can See

As we said earlier, visibility is the enemy of a vandal. Positioning your porta potty in a place that is in view of many people can help keep it safe. Vandals will rarely deface something when a crowd of people is watching. So if your event or construction site is in an area that has high pedestrian traffic during the times of day (or night) when your staff won’t be around, use it to your benefit. Place the porta potties where passersby can act as your personal security team and deter those who might be thinking of vandalizing your units.

Lock Them

Even if a porta potty is positioned in a well-lit area, or in view of a number of people, vandals will still get inside the unit to do their damage. It’s a good idea to lock your units if they are going to be left unsupervised overnight. A private room can be used for any number of unsavory activities. You want to be sure you come back to your construction or event site to find your porta potty rentals are just as you left them. This includes both the interior and the exterior.

Communicate with Employees

Unfortunately, not all vandals are strangers on the street. Our own employees have access to markers as well as access to the units. Scribbling a small message or drawing a picture might not occur to them as an act of vandalism, but it is. You can do all of the above methods of avoiding vandals when no one’s around but still find yourself with damage if those on your site don’t consider their actions. Simply speaking with your employees to let them know it is not okay to deface the porta potties can save you a headache down the road.

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