Construction Porta potty Rental Nashville TN

Everybody needs to use the bathroom at some point during the day. It’s the one thing that unites us all. Access to proper facilities needs to extend to all scenarios; music festivals, restaurants, and places of work. Even those working outside need to be able to relieve themselves in a clean and accessible facility. Not only is it essential for the employee, but a construction porta potty rental keeps the worksite in accordance with OSHA regulations:

“Lavatories shall be made available in all places of employment.”

Although this regulation doesn’t apply to every worksite, it applies to most. So let’s look at some reasons outside of legality why your construction site needs porta-potties.


As previously mentioned, your workers are going to need to use the restroom at some point during the day. They will be forced to go find a restroom if one is not provided for them. This could lead workers to cross busy roads. Distracted wandering around a construction site is never a good idea. However, your workers might find themselves in this situation if they are not provided with everything they need. Safety should be a top priority of a construction site. Giving your workers a safe place to take care of their business will remove one potentially dangerous scenario.

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You want your workers to be working. This is a standard request of employment of any form. Time spent searching for a bathroom is less time spent working. You have time constraints and goals to hit. Taking work time away from your employees is unsustainable. Is there going to be an available facility for them to quickly use when the time comes to use the bathroom? There should be. Keeping your employees comfortable is a reasonable concern. But, maintaining productivity is also reasonable. A construction porta potty rental accomplishes both of these considerations.


Have you been to a park that doesn’t have a trash can? The result is always the same: Trash ends up on the ground. People don’t often realize there is no trash can until they finish their sandwich. Then they have to figure out what to do with the wrapper. As we’ve stated a few times now, people are going to need to use a restroom at some point during the day. It’s inevitable. Aside from the loss of work, the safety of the individual while looking for a facility, what do you think is going to happen if they don’t find one? Cleanliness of a work site is essential. Not only does cleanliness make it a more enjoyable place to work, there’s always the chance of an outsider seeing the condition of your work site. If a client, or an inspector, or even a passerby glances into your site, you want it to be as clean as possible.


Respect is an aspect of every healthy workplace. Respecting the job, the client, and the coworkers goes far in creating a great environment for all involved. Providing proper facilities to your employees is an easy step toward showing your employees the respect they deserve. Imagine if a client came to the worksite and noticed a lack of porta potties for the workers. Their view of the operation would diminish. Respect is a major factor in job fulfillment. Providing for your employees shows them you’ve taken their needs into consideration.


You take your job seriously. And of course you want your employees to do the same. Covering the basic needs of everyone at the worksite is not only the respectful thing to do, it’s the professional thing to do. You wouldn’t skip every other nail when constructing a wall. And you shouldn’t skip any of the basic materials that make a site work. This idea is closely related to respect, but more directed toward the job itself. You want your clients to enjoy the process as well as the product. Conducting your business with a professional air will show them you aren’t going to skimp on any aspect of the job.

A construction porta potty rental is an essential way to provide for your workers. Expecting someone to avoid using a restroom throughout a workday is not only illegal, it’s disrespectful and dangerous. Liberty Waste has many options to make sure your construction site has everything it needs. So don’t leave your construction workers without an essential aspect of a job site.

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