How to Keep Your Porta Potty Warm in the Winter

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Work is going to continue to come in no matter what is going on with the weather. And your porta potty rental for a construction site is going to get cold this winter even in Nashville, TN. People are going to need to use the bathroom, and that can be quite uncomfortable when the temperatures begin to dip toward the freezing point.

So how do you keep your porta potty warm when the weather turns cold? This important consideration can be accomplished if proper attention is paid to a few certain factors. So here’s what you should keep in mind to make sure your porta potty doesn’t become too cold to be of use.

Position It in the Sun

Your construction site probably affords a lot of space, and the positioning of your porta potty will play a large role in how warm or cold it gets. The sun is going to be your porta potty’s best friend throughout the winter. Winter days are quite a bit shorter than they are in the summer, so you need to try to make as much use of the sun’s natural heating power as you can.

Glance around your worksite and try to locate an area that receives the most light. Keep in mind this will change throughout the day as the sun moves through the sky. Consider any structures around the porta potty. How much of the day will they be between your porta potty and the sun? Any time spent in the shade is wasted heat for your unit. Find the brightest spot you can, and put your porta potty in the middle of it.

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Protect It from the Wind

Ask any kid that has to walk to school in the winter, and they’ll tell you the wind gets cold. Protecting your porta potty from the wind will help you in two different ways. First, the cold wind will bring down the temperature within your porta potty. As with anything else, cold air will lower the temperature of whatever it comes into contact with. Second, it will remove any warm air trapped within the porta potty through the ventilation.

Find a wall, tarp, fence, or anything that can reduce the amount of wind your unit is exposed to without getting in the way of sunlight. The goal is to create warm air inside the unit and shield it from any cold air outside.

Put It in a Structure

The best way to shield your porta potty from cold air is to simply keep it inside. This might not be feasible for every building, but construction sites often have unfinished areas that aren’t currently being worked on. These are perfect locations to stash a porta-potty during the winter. It won’t be in the sun but the reduction in exposure to cold air will drastically reduce the need for external heating.

Try to find an area that will shield your unit from the elements. Any movement toward keeping the unit fully enclosed will help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the unit.

Clear the Snow

Although snow is fairly rare in the Nashville area, it does happen from time to time. And when it does, it’s best to clear your porta potty rentals of any lingering snow. This will mitigate the frigid effects of snowfall and give you the best chance at maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your unit.

Provide a Space Heater

Sometimes, even the best practices of maintaining available heat aren’t enough. Cold temperatures can be unavoidable. And when this happens, the only thing we can do is to create our own heat. Luckily, portable space heaters are available and reasonably priced. Simply find an extension cord, run it out to the porta potty rental for a construction site, and the cold of the Nashville winter will be gone.

Be careful of how the heater is positioned. The front of these units can become quite warm. You don’t want it to be too close to the area of use or it can injure anybody inside. Carefully place it in such a way that it won’t be a danger to anybody.

Get a Restroom Trailer

The surefire way to avoid the hassles of cold porta potty rental are to simply upgrade. A restroom trailer affords all the luxury of a standard indoor bathroom, with the added benefit of portability. The solid walls keep out the cold while the inside is heated. If you are worried about the natural temperatures of winter, this is the way to guarantee all of your employees and guests will remain comfortable.

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